Burning Ash:‚Äč

Lester Calvin is at it again!  An old friend stops in for a visit, which is great... until he ends up dead the next morning.  The crime has all the signs of organized crime - and Lester's Friend is no choir boy... So why does Lester think something beyond the obvious is at play?  Up ahead lies a roller coaster ride with no safety restraints, as Lester runs across the bay area looking for answers.  The biggest question, though, with this case being so personal... Just how far will he go to see justice done?

The Loki Syndrome:

If there was ever a place to think up a nightmare, the arctic wilderness zone of Alaska would be it.  The wind, the wet, the sheer white of it all.  Somehow, though, Dr. John Small has made a life up here, studying an odd new set of behaviors among the local polar bear population.  

That life may come to a sudden and unpleasant end, however, when his hails to a nearby outpost go unanswered.  It could be something as simple as radio trouble, so the neighborly thing to do is check it out.  Of course, it might be something much worse, considering that this particular outpost specializes in testing are contagions and pathogens in extreme conditions, so asking military escort to join him would be the smart thing to do.  But when they arrive?  The big question of the day just might be: Did we bring enough guns?

The Site:

Marlin Gaetano has life all figured out.  He's got his business, his boat, and nobody to tell him what to do.  So what if he uses a short-cut now and then to get the job done.  The Site is just another tool of the trade after all...

But, like every thing else in the universe that seems just too good to be true, it turns out that The Site has a very, very dark side.  And when Marlin uses it to get a set of coordinates for a salvage operation, he finds himself playing in some very dangerous waters.