What's in a name?

Long before I had even conceived of lester Calvin, I knew I wanted to make a mystery in the Tampa Humidor (yes, it is a real place - and pretty much exactly as I describe it)  A buddy of mine came up with the title, Smoking Ash, and the rest is history.  

The Rivers Webb

New York homicide detective, John Webb, is having a bad week. Mind you, family reunions are bad enough, but since the focus is the brutal and sudden murder of his favorite uncle, Reverend Carl Rivers, it’s even worse. And, it doesn’t help John one little bit that his investigation is hampered by a local sheriff’s deputy with a chip on his shoulder, the local homegrown psychic, an amorous librarian who just won’t shut up and a flock of wild peacocks. John soldiers on through it all, even when more bodies start cropping up all over the place. Not to mention when the details of his own family’s misdeeds become entangled in his investigation, and when the prime suspect winds up being entirely too close for comfort.

  • 2011 - The Rivers Webb
  • 2012 - Orlin Wood; the short story collection, Year's End, featuring Contract Fulfillment
  • 2013 - Smoking Ash; the short story collection, Moon Shot, featuring Fedoras
  • 2014 - One Last Thought; an original short story, The Usual Finders Fee

By jeremy K tyler

le me tell you a story...

While touring Georgia, doing research for The Rivers Webb, I kept coming across these amazing, startling, and thoroughly entertaining stories about the woods and forests throughout Georgia.  Orlin wood is my homage to those stories.

One last thought

Oso Boyer might be considered a poster boy for good cops, but every man has his breaking point. For him, it’s the point where his family is put in danger. What starts out as an arson and murder investigation turns into something much more, and while Boyer is trying to piece together all the various clues, someone is stalking his sister and nephew. It’s a journey into a world Boyer never knew existed, and he just might not make it out alive.

The scariest thing every writer has to face is the blank page.

Orlin Wood

In 1788, Zechariah Orlin stumbled out of the forest and collapsed in front of a hunting party. That moment marked the beginning of a cursed family, and the legend of Orlin Wood. From phantom voices and mysterious apparitions, to unexplained disappearances and unearthly scenes that cause the bravest of men to question their courage, Orlin Wood is a place that will haunt you. 

That is, should you dare to enter.


A bit of truth in every lie:

The idea of The Rivers Webb was inspired by events in my own family's history.  Sometimes, life does not give you justice, but thankfully, as a writer, I get to occasionally invent my own.

Smoking Ash

Lester Calvin isn’t your typical detective. He knows cigars, he knows Tampa, but mostly, he knows people who can help solve problems. As he likes to put it, he’s “a guy, who knows a guy.” But when a beautiful woman walks in and drops a load of cash into his lap for doing absolutely nothing, he lands into a world of trouble, that even his connections might not be able to get him out of. The stakes have never been higher, as Lester must discover who this woman is, and why so many people want to find her. And he needs to act fast, because he just became a target.

Whether it's the first few nerve-wracking lines of a new project, or that one transitioning moment to start off a new chapter, there is nothing in this world so daunting as the moment when you have to put this glimmer of an idea down onto paper that will engage the reader, and somehow make sense.  I've yet to come up with a villain that scares me anywhere near as much as the opening line.

Jeremy k tyler